Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize my chandelier?

Of course! It is important to note that all prices are for the standard versions of our models. Customizations such as different varnishes, sizes, finishes, etc. are possible, but come with an upcharge. Please contact us if you wish to buy a personalized chandelier that fits your interior perfectly! An overview of colours and finishes can be found on our download page.

Are bulbs included in the delivery?

No, we do not as bulb specs such as light colour, shape, etc. are up to taste and may need to fit with a dimming system.  Maximum wattage, number of lights, etc. can be found on any quote and order confirmation, as well as on our website. The only exception is the Ripple light, which is shipped with a halogen bulb.

What is the „HOA“ and why is it important?

The Height OverAll is the length from the ceiling to the lowest, desired drop point of the chandelier. We need this information in order to manufacture the suspension (chain or rod).

Are the chandeliers UL listed?

Our chandeliers and all their components are made to UL standards, most models can also be UL certified ( a notable exception is the „Basket“ chandelier or any other model with halogen bulbs). If you need a certificate/confirmation, we would need to know this in advance as the production has to be documented and the chandelier tried and tested. This would entail a 5% up-charge.

How long is the lead time?

Lead time for these fixtures is 8 to 14 depending on factors such as availability of supplies, chandelier model, etc. Lead time starts with the receipt of the down payment and does include delivery time (exceptions are orders with ex works INCOTERMS)

Is the chandelier dimmable?

All our chandeliers are dimmable, that is a question of onsite electrical installation, not chandelier. All that is needed are dimmable light bulbs that work with whatever dimming system on site electricians used.

Can the height be adjusted on site?

If a chandelier is delivered with a suspension rod (e.g. models 6725, 6660) the chandelier cannot be adjusted in height unless a chain suspension is ordered. Please let us know ahead if you wish a chain suspension. A chain means, the wires are visible. Chain suspensions do not work with elliptical builds of any model!

Can you provide 3D files/2D files/a drawing?

We do not have 3D files of any of our chandeliers. Technical drawings can sometimes be shared with clients, however, always after the order has been placed.

What is the country of origin?

The country of origin is Austria. Every piece is manufactured in our atelier in Vienna (Austria). The hand-cut crystal is manufactured in Austria as well.

Chrome or Nickel?

People usually know chrome more than they do Nickel and mistakenly use the terms interchangeably. Our standard finishes are French Gold and Nickel, because it is much more beautiful. Chrome comes from an entirely different application and is usually not used for interiors except bathrooms, due to its almost sterile look. An overview of colours and finishes can be found on our download page.