Dip into 200 years of excellence!
Experience our tailormade lighting designs, handcrafted for you by our local skilled artisans, right in the heart of Vienna, Austria.

Every chandelier tells a unique story. So come with us on a voyage…

Endulge in the images of the slide show and discover secrets and surprises as you navigate through our worlds of light.

Watch our select videos presenting our traditional manufactory showing our skilled crafts and trades.

Learn how our signature designs are still handmade with pashion expertise.

Discover the special tools and techniques used to produce the finest chandeliers in the world.

Do we have your attention now?
For your own personal LOBMEYR chandelier reach out for a personal consultation chandeliers@lobmeyr.at

J. & L. LOBMEYR – Innovation by Tradition since 1823


The Metropolitan Series

The Contemporary Series

Lobmeyr Epoch Series

The Early Modernity

The Glass Arm Series