Project Description

Airport 22

Baroque chandeliers for the newly refurbished departures hall

The recently renovated Terminal 2 is the oldest part of the airport, erected in 1955. The last years it was tediously restored, retaining as much of the original architecture and character within modern building codes.
The original design foresaw large knawel of acrylic strings, mostly seen in shopping malls. But this appeared far from the flair the directors had in mind. After all, this is the airport of Vienna, the city of music. What was more fitting than fixtures of Lobmeyr the directors reasoned?
We analysed our range of modern and classic fixtures and found the Schloss Hof chandeliers as the perfect match. 300 years of design history yet a timeless minimal look with a subtle sparkle. The summer residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy the chandeliers were created for originally are not far from the airport. And the design could be scaled to the monumental size needed for an airport hall without an insane coat increase. Lastly, durability and serviceability are further qualities of this series.
Our fixtures now wave a shiny good bye, located just outside the new central security check servicing non-Schengen flights.

Principal: Vienna Airport
Building type: Airport
Location: Vienna, 2022
Interior Design: Vienna Airport
Chandelier design: Johann Lucas von Hildebrand, 1720
Services: Concept, manufacture, installation


The chandelier in front of the airport tower


All 4 chandelier lined up in the hall

One arm at a time a chandelier takes shape

Fixing the main cover bowl where all the connections come together

Final adjustments on the suspension chain