As an over 200-year old chandelier atelier we draw upon the experience of generations of artisans. As an modern enterprise in a global economy we built a good network of suppliers. As an exquisite brand we are committed to quality of product and service.

As such we regard ourself as a tool for the designer and client to tackle the complexities of a project from many ends.
As we have been around for some time, we have seen many ends…

Front end – with the client or designer

Experience and versatility in manufacture gives us greatest freedom in design and architecture. We try to get a feel for the room and the intention of the client or designer. The best starting point is a mere floor plan and a rough selection of potential designs. With this we can consult on a suitable sizing of the chandelier, or propose design options.

Sometimes it is better to use a few smaller fixtures instead of a big one. Some chandeliers can be altered in their proportions to for example work over a long table. Others again just need a certain room-height to work. There are countless challenges out there and we have seen the best of them. Still we look forward to the next tough nut. A tight budget is a different kind of fruit…

Back end – in our workshops

In our workshops lives the experience of over 200 years, handed down from artisan to artisan. Many ancient traditions and techniques have survived to this day, that cannot be surpased by modern technology. Especially seemingly modern designs flourish when our masters dig out lost secrets to solve creative problems.
Modern technology though is no stranger in our ateliers. But only so far, as no concession to certain methodes conflict with the design intent.

This combination of experience, skill and knowledge, seasoned with just the right amount of curiosity is what gives us greatest freedom in making real what designers have in mind.

On site – out in the field


Our staff is not only curious in regards of chandelier stuff. Most of them like to travel and installing chandeliers in the most exotic places is a special treat. As seasoned travellers they know how to behave as a guest. And that is how installing a chandelier should work.
It makes no different, be it an opera house, the bedroom of a princess or the guest bathroom of a c-lebrity, you come, stay and part as a guest.

On a napkin – design


When there is an idea there is way. Many ways! As we have been down most of them we can help ideas through that labyrinth of ways, paths and dead-ends to become a reality. As a start nothing is too little! The proverbial sketch on a napkin is not a romantic metaphor but everyday reality.
On the other hand, a 3D-CAD drawing with a set of photorealistic renderings is something that does require skill. But the essence of an idea, of a design, might not be captured with precise vectors…

Already enough about chandeliers? We work brass, iron and steel. We can cut and polish crystal glass. We have engineerial skills and good feel for architecture and aesthetics. We know our way around proportions and we can work in detail. We have a reliable network of suppliers and don’t shy to pick up a phone.
When did we say it has to have a light bulb?