Project Description

Chandelier Series 42426 – Musseline




42426-8 in standard finish

Stefan Rath, 1932
Brass, lead-free crystal;
Nickel finish with clear glass
optional: metal parts in different finishes, glass parts in tender colour hue

42426-6: Ø: 75 cm, h: 67 cm; 8 kg;
6x E27, max.W.: 360

42426-8: Ø: 80 cm, h: 73 cm; 10 kg;
8x E27, max.W.: 480

42426-10: Ø: 93 cm, h: 90 cm; 13 kg;
10x E27, max.W.: 600

42426-12: Ø: 110 cm, h: 100 cm; 15 kg;
12x E27, max.W.: 720

3185-8 – Marianne: Ø 84 cm, h: 104 cm, 12 kg
Lights: 8x E27, Wattage: 480

Variant 3185-8 – Marianne

42426-W-2 wall sconce

Drawing from the classical baroque shapes and materials Stefan Rath creates a new interpretation of the glass arm chandelier. He takes the lightness of the classical glass arm chandelier and over-exaggerates this by using musseline-thin glass, more common with our stemware lines.
The archives of our family report that the scarcity of precious metal between the world wars drove Stefan Rath to the so well-mastered material glass. Interestingly 200 years earlier a scarcity of metal coined just a simmilar design for the summe palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy at „Schloss Hof“. Thus he created another modern classic in a timeless fashion.