Project Description

Josef Hoffmann’s Cologne Chandelier


41085-22 in nickel finish

Josef Hoffmann, 1914
Brass, hand-cut crystal
Nickel finish
optional: french gold finish

41085-22: Ø: 76 cm, h: 130 cm; 64 kg
22 lights E27, max.W.: 1.320

41085-12: Ø: 57 cm, h: 106 cm; 30 kg
12 lights E27, max.W.: 720

This archetype of the Jugendstil chandelier was designed by Josef Hoffmann for the Werkbund Exhibition in Cologne 1914 and is regarded one of the milestones in Austrian design of the early 20th century. Therefore the prototype is still on display in Vienna’s Museum of Applied Arts.
The chandelier is made of brass with a nickel finish. The crystal beads are made from hand cut lead free beads in contrast to wonderful large stones in the main rim. This alternates with a cast floral décor. Beside various finishes we offer custom designs on the main belt.