Project Description

Schloss Hof Palace 

Prince Eugene’s summer retreat

Schloss Hof Palace was a one-storey Renaissance citadel Prince Eugene of Savoy purchased in 1725. He commissioned Johann Lucas von Hildebrand to remodel it into a prestigeous.
For the grand restoration of the palace from 2003 to 2005 the glass arm chandeliers in the banquet hall were to be reconstructed from pictures, plans and remaining pieces. These simple but elegant chandeliers represent the forefather of the famous Bohemian Glass Arm Chandelier to become a baroque classic.
Through their transparency and lightness these designs proved very successful for historical locations as well as for contemporary projects. They not only blend in perfectly but seem to metamorphose into an ideal match

Principal: Marchfeldschlösser Revital.- und Betr. Ges.m.b.H.
Building type: Palace
Location: Schloss Hof, 2004
Architekt: Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt
Services: Reconstruction, restauration

Schloss Hof Chandelier at the Kaiser Appartment

A reconstruction in the private appartment of Emperor Joseph II


A restored original from 1720 in the „Antecamer“

Schloss Hof makingof soldering

Soldering the chandelier’s „cake“, the central element connecting everything together.

Schloss Hof crafting aligning

Carefully aligning the chandelier arms