Project Description

Chandelier Series  4636 – Schloss Hof


4636-12 in nickel finish

Johan Lucas von Hildebrandt, circa 1720
Brass, lead free crystal;
Nickel finish
optional: metal parts in different finishes, glass parts in tender colour hue

4636-6: Ø: 100 cm, h: 140 cm; 18 kg;
6x E14/E12, max.W.: 360

4636-8: Ø: 90 cm, h: 112 cm; 12 kg;
8x E14/E12, max.W.: 480

4636-12: Ø: 100 cm, h: 140 cm; 18 kg;
12x E14/E12, max.W.: 720

4636-18: Ø: 100 cm, h: 140 cm; 18 kg;
18x E14/E12, max.W.: 1080

4636-W-2: w: 100 cm, h: 140 cm, p: cm; 18 kg;
2x E14/E12, max.W.: 120

4636-W-5: w: 100 cm, h: 140 cm, p: cm; 18 kg;
5x E14/E12, max.W.: 300

Making of a Schloss Hof at our atelier in Vienna

4636-8 in nickel finish


4636-6 in nickel finish

4636-18 in nickel finish


4636-W-2 in nickel finish


4636-W-5 in nickel finish

This classical Baroque chandelier design originates from around 1720. Originally manufactured for Prince Eugen of Savoyen’s palace „Schloss Hof“, they were reconstructed by us on occasion of the castle’s restoration in 1995.
The arms of glass rest on a brass “cake”. All visible metal parts are polished. The modular construction allows for various to-fit layouts.
Through its simple shape it creates a timeless flair which perfectly accents a clean and clear modern architecture. Used in classical interiors it serves as a calm and set back centre piece.