Project Description

Pendant 42578-1 – Cunning Sphere




42587-1 in standard finish as a single pendant

Jack Canning, 2013
Brass, hand-cut crystal;
Antique gold finish

42587-1: Ø: 26 cm; 5 kg
1x E27, max.W.: 60

The starting point for this design was a bespoke wall light for a yacht, designed by Jack Canning. The original object was wall-mounted as a sconce but the electric cord hung loosely from the ceiling and connected at the top of the sphere. As such the design was a bit of a hybrid right from the start. The resulting object is now considered a modular element that can be used on itself as a sconce, pendant or whatnot or combined with more siblings to create larger constellations like rings, clouds or columns.
The basic elements of the sphere are brass rings holding a hand-cut crystal octagon. These are soldered together at odd angles creating a perfect sphere. The gaps and irregularities are part result of the construction and specific design element of this fixture.