Project Description

Metropolitan Opera

Chandeliers and sconces for the foyer and the auditorium

When the New York Metropolitan Opera opened on September 13th, 1966, the first applause went to the twelve chandeliers that rose towards the ceiling with the first curtain. On the opening night audience and journalists were startlingly impressed by Starburst Chandeliers from Vienna, a gift to the United States of America by the Republic of Austria out of gratitude for the ERP-program after World War II.

The design comes from the pencil of Hans Harald Rath, company owner of those days, who worked in close collaboration with the architect. The fixture was also a bow towards the present space age resembling distant galaxies. The foyer chandeliers visible from greater distance soon developed to become the landmark of the Met. This is the greatest praise for us.

Principal: Metropolitan Opera, New York
Building type: Opera
Location: New York, 1966
Architect: Wallace K. Harrison
Chandelier design: Hans Harald Rath
Services: Design, manufacture, restoration

Met Facade

The landmark facade of the Met

Met Foyer

The Foyer seen from Grand Tier level

The Grand Tier during the 50 year anniversary of the chandeliers‘ installation

Met Detail

A detail of the Foyer chandelier