Project Description

Series 42625 – Azeitona


42625-8 as a floor lamp

Lobmeyr, 2015
Brass, stainless steel, hand-cut crystal
Nickel finish
optional: coloured crystals

42625-8: Dia.: 18 cm, H: 70 cm; 13 kg
8x G4 halogen, max.W.: 160

Wall sconce
42625-1: h: 70 cm, w: 18 cm, p: 12 cm; 7 kg
4x E14; max. W.: 240

Custom dimensions and compositions to order
methode of illumination will vary with size and application


42625-W-4 in nickel finish


42625-W-4 in french gold finish


Detail of crystal grid

The wall sconces Hans Harald Rath designed for the Met in 1966 proved a hidden treasure in our stock.
This spin-off is perhaps the most spectacular. A project with Candy & Candy involving a monumental version of the original sconce design planted a cunning idea. With the right project came the perfect opportunity to finalise the concept into a versatile and spectacular object. It can not only be used as a single pendant. it can be set up as a floor lamp or used to create cascades of multiples. The individual element can easily be scaled in length and in diameter. Both practically limitless.

The basic structure is a cut-out steel sheet that can be rolled to any diameter. (full pipes or segments to create larger diameters over 40 cm.
The crystals are set in the same manner as with the original sconces. The smaller the diameter of the pipe the slimmer the crystals get.