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Project Description

The Ripple Light Series


42580-1 Ripple Light large

Poetic Lab, 2013
Brass, free-blown crystal;
French gold finish

Ripple Light large
42580-1: Ø: 35-40 cm, h: ca. 50 cm,
base height: 13 cm

Ripple Light medium
42581-1: Ø: 30-35 cm, h: ca. 45 cm,
base height: 8 cm

Lighting dome (same for both sizes)
Ø: 15 cm, h: 25
1x G4 halogen, max.W.: 20


42581-1 Ripple Light medium


Ripple Light base finish options


Hanhsi Chen and Shikai Tseng from Poetic Lab at Design Junction London 2013

A short poetic video with the Hanhsi Chen and Leonid Rath on their collaboration to create this object

Ripple is an analogue lighting effect and not a plain lamp. The effect is jointly created by the lamp‘s simple mechanism but foremost by the room‘s quality and ambience. It works best in calm and dimmed areas with light walls. It takes some experimentation to find the optimal spot for the lamp and the suitable set-up of the lamp‘s two elements.
A beam of light projects from the lighting dome through both walls of the mouth-blown unevenly shaped projection dome that gently rotates. This creates a play of shadow and light in an ever changing, moving ripple pattern – beauty that goes beyond the material itself.