Project Description

Floor Lamp Series 42670 – Constantine


Two Constantines at different heights in standard finish


Sebastian Menschhorn, 2017
Brass, steel, lead-free crystal;
French gold finish

H.: 150 cm, Dia.: 10 cm; 10 kg
4x LED, max.W.: 24

other heights:  110, 130, 170, 190 cm

The inspiration for this work comes from two different sources. The most obvious is of course the bamboo plant. In ancient Chinese tradition this plant symbolises eternal life. In Menschhorn’s work this condenses into the idea of theoretically stack the lamp’s elements infinitely.
The second inspiration is Constantin Brâncu
și’s work, the Endless Column, which is essentially that. Unlike with Brâncuși, this Constantine has a complete element on top.
Constantine is a floor lamp consisting of 7 identical metal pipe-elements, intersected with growth nodes of turned brass rings in satin finish.
As a floor lamp Constantine features one strong up-light at the top, giving a nice ambient room light. An optional reflector can be added to direct a portion of this to a specific area. 3 of the growth nodes are of crystal, back-lit with strong LEDs. These can be places at various heights to have specific functions. (E.g. reading light, illuminating floor…)